Course curriculum

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    8: Marketing and Sales

    • Marketing and Sales (20-page PDF)

    • Marketing and Sales Audio Lesson (38-mins)

    • Inside this Lesson

    • Personal and Business Branding

    • Content Marketing (Sparkle Stories)

    • Social Media Marketing

    • Instagram Marketing

    • Email Marketing

    • Website Marketing

    • Blog Marketing

    • Hosting Workshops and Events

    • Printed Materials

    • Trade Shows and Networking Events

    • Referral Marketing

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Katie Pearse

Glisten Academy President

I founded Glisten Academy, the world's first online training school for elite cleaning professionals, in 2018. Through my training courses, programs, and consulting sessions, I teach maid service owners all over the world how to own and operate a luxury residential cleaning service. With a 20-year career in marketing and 12+ years in the cleaning industry, I launched an eco-chic cleaning service in 2008 that won multiple awards and made over $1 million a year in revenue with only 10 staff. My specialties include marketing and staff training, including web design, branding, and business strategy. I divide my time between Toronto, Canada and San Diego, California. Education: Bachelor of Arts, University of Alberta, 2000 - 2004 Public Relations diploma, MacEwan University, 2005 Web Intelligence certificate, University of California, 2007 - 2008